A brief introduction...

Fairtrade is a charity that supports better prices, decent working conditions and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers. It has a huge impact all around the world allowing farmers and workers to improve their lives and their communities. Fairtrade concentrates on small scale farmers but also with plantations for certain products.  

Facts and Figures...

Over 1.5 million farmers and workers are fair trade certified.

Fairtrade works in over 74 countries with 1,210 fairtrade certified producer organizations.

As a church we contribute to the fair trade foundation by using fair trade products as often as possible. At our coffee mornings we use fair trade coffee and tea. Please look out for a fair trade tasting session.



Chocolate     Sugar     Coffee     Tea     Flowers     Bananas     Beauty Products  Cotton     Cocoa    


You can buy all these products in your local shops and Supermarkets and by doing so you are helping farmers and workers in developing countries to have fair trade and better working conditions.

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